Difference Between Car & Motorcycle Engine

Though car & motorcycle both can be passenger vehicles but there are a lot difference in these in Physical & technical condition. We all know about the physical difference between Car & Motorcycle, so let’s talk about technical difference. First of all, as there a lot of space in car so every segment of car engine is located in different places with enough distance.Here gear box,transmission, main engine which produce rotational power from fuel; all are in separate system. So have to use lubricants separately for every segments individually.Such for transmission have to use transmission oil,for gear box have to use automotive gear oil.And for engine have to use engine oil also.Even for cooling system in car have to use coolant. 

On the other hand,in motorcycle gear,transmission & main engine are in a combine system.And for that have to use only one engine oil for motorcycle which works for engine,clutch, gear & power transmission and also for engine cooling.In most of the motorcycle no need to use lube oil filter but in case of car engine it is must.In case of RPM motorcycle has higher that car.And generally motorcycle fuel is Octane or petrol but Diesel or any kind of Gasoline fuel can be used in car engine.

Speed VS Engine CC

Top speed VS CC


Many people think that,the top speed of the bike depends in the cc limit of the bike.But main thing is not like that.CC meant tha physical size of the piston of motorcycle engine.Actually it come from bore dia of the piston.Using cylindrical volume formula with help of value of diameter & pie (π) we can get piston volume in cubic centimeter (CC),Such as 100 CC or 150 CC.
On the other hand top engine of motorcycle may depends on some factors such as:

Engine Condition
Chain Sprocket Condition
Cooling system
Motorcycle weight
Power transmission condition

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