মোটরসাইকেলে মবিল বলতে আমরা যা বুঝি, তা হচ্ছে মূলত, ইঞ্জিন অয়েল, যা এক প্রকার লুব্রিকেন্টস।লুব্রিকেন্টসের প্রধান কাজগুলোর মধ্য অন্যতম হল, ইঞ্জিনের খয়রোধ করা, তাপ হ্রাস করা,ইঞ্জিন কে ঠান্ডা করা, সর্বোপরি, ইঞ্জিন কে নমনীয় ও সচল রাখা। এক কথায়, ইঞ্জিন অয়েল হচ্ছে,মোটরসাইকেলের রক্ত স্বরুপ।তাই মোটরসাইকেলের সঠিক রক্ষণাবেক্ষণ এর জন্য সঠিক এবং সময়মত ইঞ্জিন অয়েল এর ব্যবহার অত্যন্ত গুরুত্বপূর্ন।

Basic Important Things of Lubricants:


Viscosity Grade

Viscosity Index


Viscosity is basic parameter of fluid by which we can easily understand how much thin or thick the fluid is.Actually internal resistance of fluid is the viscosity.

Viscosity Index

Viscosity index is nothing but a unit less measuring system of change of viscosity with temperature change. To get clear vision about it have to know first, what is viscosity?Actually it is internal resistance of fluid by which we can understand either the fluid move towards fast or slow, or how much fast or how much slow. On the other hand it is force of fluid with works against the movement of the substance. For easy understanding we can say that, when we pouring two or more fluid from a bottle towards down, then which fluid down faster that is low viscous and slow mover fluid is high viscous.

Now, we come to the viscosity Index, some people think that viscosity index tis completely relating to viscosity grade, but while selecting the lubricants with this wrong idea, gives imperfect result. So need be clear about the difference between viscosity index & viscosity. Actually viscosity of lubricants is valueless until temperature of the system is not considered, because different temperature can make the different viscosity of same grade oil. In brief, Viscosity index is the rate of change of viscosity of the lubricants with the change of system temperature. And viscosity index chart gives this data of a specific lubricants. There is a standard formula of calculating viscosity index from a free temperature, which is known ASTM D2270.And to calculate this need the Viscosity of the specific lubricants at 40°C and 100°C.

So therefore, we have to say that, importance of viscosity index has no bound in any selection of lubricants or oil. And that’s why, sometimes need to improve Viscosity Index of oil. By which Viscosity Index can be improve that is known as VI improver, actually it is a type of oil additives.

Use The Right Lubricants for your Bike