Change your tyre in time!

Why Tyre change is important?

Tyre Change: Like as other spare parts of motorcycle it is also important to change tyre in time.But most of biker can’t understand the tyre life cycle or after how much time or kilo running it is manadatory to check and change the tyre.There might be some problem arises due to over use of tyre or not but it is very much necessary, because for using damaged tyre different accidents specialy slip case may happen tremendously.Generally tyre life cycle has no specific limit,as it actually depends on the driving,driver or driven road conditions.Though in generally for all average condition 30-35 Kilometers running is the standard time for tyre changing for motorcycle.

Some special tips to increase tyre life:

  • Avoiding hard break if possible.
  • Using best tyre gel for tubeless tyres.
  • Keep clean the tyre specially after rush driving.
  • Keep the air pressure in tyre according to tyre size standards.

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