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Best Engine Oil for Your Motorcycle

We already know that engines need oil, but do we know the special needs of motorcycles? This year about 2 million motorcycles will get sold in the United States. Each one will come equipped with the latest technology for performance and efficiency. As a biker you must know about how often you need to change your motorcycle & the best engine oil for your motorcycle. But always You have to follow the manufacturer’s recommendations for using the best motorcycle oil.

There are many reviews about ‘Top 10 Motorcycle Oil’.But all of us need the best motorcycle engine oil and we get confused about the best engine oil for motorcycles. So, today we are going to talk about ‘The Best Engine Oil For Your Motorcycle’.

As per customer reviews ”Motul 7100 4T 10W-50” has the most satisfied users all over the world. Let’s know more about this oil and specification of it.

7100 4T 10W-50

Motul 7100 4T 10W-50\

Price: $15.35

High-Performance Motorcycle

Lubricant 100% Synthetic – Ester

Specifications and approvals:








7100 4T & 710 2T













Model7100 10W50 4T
Item Weight3.2 ounces
Product Dimensions1 x 1 x 1 inchesCalifornia residents 
 Proposition 65 warning
Item model number10W50
Manufacturer Part Number104097
Cover Includedmotor oil

TYPE OF USE High-performance bikes, sports bikes, street & road bikes, trails, off-road bikes, enduro, trial…fitted with 4 stroke engines, integrated gearbox or not, wet or dry clutch, engines meeting Euro 2 or Euro 3 emission regulation, fitted with exhaust gas after-treatment systems: catalytic converters, air injection into exhaust pipe… Recommended for specific DUCATI, KTM, BMW engines requiring SAE 10W-50 viscosity grade oil. Other uses: street bikes without catalytic converters, scooters, ATV’s, UTV’s…

Protection Ester Technology: – Low traction coefficient Ester to minimize engine internal friction losses and improve performance – Synergy of Ester with anti-wear additives and improved shear resistance for improved gear protection and lifetime. 100% Synthetic lubricant for improved oil film resistance at high temperatures and high revs. Optimized Phosphorus and Sulphur content (JASO MA2 < 1200 ppm) for better operating conditions of catalytic converters. The innovative anti-wear additives package provides outstanding gearbox protection. FZG Gear Test results: Pass FLS>14. The FZG (Forschungsstelle für Zahnräder und Getriebebau) Test, evaluate fluid lubricating, and wear protection properties at the interface of a loaded set of gears. Lubricants are then graded based on their “Failure Load Stage” or FLS rating from FLS 1 (very poor result) up to FLS 14 (outstanding result)

The best engine oil for a 4 stroke motorcycle!

Motorcycle oil is one of the most important components of your motorcycle and can help in tuning-up the engine performance and overall life of the motorcycle. If you want to know more about motorcycle oils and which one is the best for your engine, you’re at the right place. First, let’s understand what the purpose of motorcycle oil is.

The most important function of motorcycle oil is lubrication. This is when a thin film of a liquid is inserted between two solid surfaces moving in relation to each other. This reduces the friction between the two surfaces, and subsequently reduces the wear and tear of the two surfaces. Although all liquids can act as lubricants to some extent, there are several factors affecting a liquid’s effectiveness in a particular situation.

Selecting the right motorcycle oil is very important. However, to beginner riders, this may seem like a daunting task. There are different weights and grades out there, and everyone has a different opinion when it comes to motorcycle oils. Here, we have some basic tips for you, as well as, a well curated list of 15 best motorcycle oils, to make your selection process a little easier.

This is perhaps the first thing you need to look at. Manufacturers are experts in their field, and certainly know what they’re doing. They know your engines inside out, and have a vested interest in keeping your engine healthy. You’ll never go wrong following a manufacturer’s recommendations.

However, what if you want to change your oil at a gas station and they don’t have your favorite synthetic oil? You should try to avoid mixing oils at all costs, but in some cases, such as this one when you’re on the road, it can be inevitable. So what to do?

The general rule of thumb is to never mix two synthetics from different brands. This is because their chemical makeups might be drastically different, and thereby, incompatible. This could lead to problems in your engine, and ineffective lubrication. In this case, you can go with the same brand’s synthetic oil, but in a slightly different weight. Make sure that the weight of oil is compatible with the current temperature.

If that’s not available, go for one of the conventional oils from the same company as the oil currently in your engine. If by any chance, even that’s not available, then go for any conventional oil by a popular brand. Try to find one in the same grade as the oil already there in your bike, but if a lighter grade oil is your only option, then so be it!

Reviews & Price

Sometimes, the best way to decide if a product is good for you or not is to see if the product was good for others. Always check the reviews that a particular motorcycle oil has received before you decide to purchase it. The best motorcycle oil should not just be ideal in theory, it should be able to prove itself during practical use as well. Reviews are an excellent way to determine if an oil is really as good as it is advertised to be.

When looking at other reviews, we should try to look for engines that are the same as yours!

This will be especially helpful if your bike model is popular since you’ll be able to find plenty of reviews.

If you want, you can do long time rides as well.

If you’re on the company’s website, filter the all displayed and that only the positive reviews are shown.

Then, you should always remember that what works for most people’s bikes also may not work for your bike.

Maybe you’re looking regarding the performance are different, or you’re using different kinds of oils.

The cost is another thing you may be concerned about.

Liquid and mineral oils cost less than synthetic and semi-synthetic oils, but you need to change the oil much more frequently if you’re using mineral oil.

Then, some synthetic oils may be more expensive due to certain additives.

Branded oils that are suggested and given by the reputed company will charge more money but you can rest assured that they come from a reliable source.

Overall, it is better to give more in the oil that is perfect for your engine and buy from recognized brands.

This will save your engine and keep it running for a long time, and will ultimately save your time and money!.

Simply put, motorcycle oil is like a maintenance crew inside your engine itself.

It reduces the friction, and consequent wear and tear inside your engine.

It also serves as a coolant, taking away the heat from the engine.

Then, it gathers and carries away debris and dirt inside the engine, and neutralizes the acid and moisture produced during internal combustion.

It also offers protection from oxidation for when the engine is left sitting in the best engine for a long time.

So let’s talk about the best engine oil for a 4 stroke motorcycle.

This is a great bike oil and quite a number of user vouches for this motorcycle oil.

Although this is formulated especially for Honda bikes, it works quite well with other brands too.

Check-in your user manual for the weight of oil ideal for your engine, and if this meets the critical, you’re in luck.

The amount of oil provided at single time is also quite generous.

However, you’ll probably not need it all in one go, so you should keep away of disposing of used oil handy.

It’s a little expensive for a non-synthetic oil, but its well worth the price.

This oil shows better shear than most similar types of oils and shows sufficient viscosity and stability.

You can also fill your engine transferring better with this oil.

Also, this oil is specially formulated for four-stroke engines, so you should keep that in mind if you want to invest your money in this oil.

If you have a four-stroke engine, it’s well worth it, even if your bike is of a different brand.

However, if your bike contains another kind of engine, be careful before pouring it in.

Many users have reviewed hearing their engines sound better, and run smoother when using this oil.

This oil also saves your engine from abrasion, unlike other cheaper alternatives.

It is surely worth buying if it is compatible with your bike!.

It comes from a good brand and delivers an excellent performance, so it’s worth buying!.



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