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Top 5 Best Motorcycle Helmet Reviews in 2020

Most of the men had dreamed of riding a motorcycle. Motorcycle riding is enjoyable, thrilling, and it’s a little bit dangerous. With this motorcycle, every rider has to need the best motorcycle helmet for protection.

Because if anyone rides a motorcycle, then they will get hurt. This protective gear helmet can protect you from serious head injuries. 

Wearing a helmet is a law for most of the countries. And only a good-quality helmet can protect from any accident.

From this article, you can check our best collections. Here we have added the five best motorcycle helmets, which include technology, comfort, price, and user reviews.

Things To Know That Makes A Perfect Motorcycle Helmet

Now we are going to tell you the main helmet elements that make the perfect helmet. For that, you should choose a perfect and comfortable helmet for you.

There are some elements below.

  1. Helmet Style Or Types 

Helmet style is an essential thing for any motorcycle riders. Here we included several types of helmets that you can find in the market today.

We suggest that these various styles give you much protection. There are six types of helmets, such as full-face helmets, open face helmets, modular helmets, half face helmets, dual-sport helmets, and dirt bike helmets / off-road helmets.

Full-Face Helmets:

A full-face helmet can protect your head, neck, face, chin from effects. These motorcycle helmets have various designs which suit all types of motorcycle. 

For example, sports bike owners make their bike helmets more aerodynamic. When one rider rides their bike with full speed for going to any destination, then it can protect their head from any accident.

Modular Helmets:

The unique modular helmet feature is chin guard, and security is a vibration element. This modular helmet is ideal for wearing, or you can talk with your friends quickly when you are at a red light. 

It has some disadvantages like it can break on impact, leaving four faces and your neck exposed to the floor.

Half Helmets:

The half helmets are the same as the bicycle helmets, and it can protect only the upper half of the head. 

Some half helmet models can cover your back of the neck and ears, but the central part is that all of it is exposed under the forehead.

The half lightest helmet is available, and it has a tremendous airflow. There is not any kind of protection, so before you ride, you have to wear glasses to cover your eyes.

Open Face Helmets:

Open face helmets are popular for scooter owners. These helmets can only cover three-quarters of your head, leaving your face and your chin yet unprotected.

These helmets enclose three-quarters of the head, leaving the face and chin unprotected. 

These helmets have tended on full-face and openable helmets. However, if you are getting to purchase it, then better to avoid high-speed.

Dirt bike Helmets:

Dirt bike helmets are the best complete motorcycle helmet, specially designed for cross-country driving. It’s a company mainly made to protect the rider’s head. You have got to wear this if you are getting to ride your bike on the road.

On the other hand, all of the motorcycle helmets’ common purpose is keeping their head protected and safe. Currently, it depends on your mind, that vogue helmet is best for you.

Dual-Sport Helmets:

The Dual-Sport helmet could be a mixed class helmet, also a blend of dirt bike helmets and full-face helmets. Everybody will use it for on-road and off-road riding.

This motorcycle helmet offers high safety ratings together with a unique airflow. Dual-Sports helmet is the best option for you if you have got a big brand bike such as Honda Africa, Suzuki V-Strom.

  1. Head Shape:

All of the riders’ head shapes are not the same; different riders have a different head shape. For that, the designers are trying to make all head shape helmets. 

But many brands produce the most common three head shapes for all kinds of riders, like round oval, intermediate oval, and long oval.

Round Oval: The round oval for heads with nearly the same length and width sizes.

Intermediate Oval: 

This intermediate oval for heads with portable conflict width and height.

Long Oval: 

This Long oval shape is that for heads with a higher back to front than the width.

After knowing your original head shape, choosing a helmet becomes easier.

  1. Elements of Helmet:

Our top list of all helmets using various materials for different models. There are also several gears of components. The most common materials are helmet body pellets, including carbon fiber, aramid, fiberglass, kevlar, and other materials. 

On the other side, The high-end helmets have a more complicated materials combination. An advantageous motorcycle helmet also has a breath deflector.

  1. Safety of Helmets:

A motorcycle helmet is always an essential biking gear. Every sports biker tested several safety standards for them. You have to know that the motorcycle helmet you have selected has safety standards or not. 

One standard helmet must have the ability to resist, which protects from a hit and sharp issues. If you think your chosen helmet meets like the DOT, ECE 22.05, or Snell helmet, you can imagine you have a certified helmet.

Top 5 Best Motorcycle Helmets Reviews 

Here we include the top 5 best motorcycle helmets in 2020. Take any helmet from our best five motorcycle helmets. And you have to be sure that your choice is the best for your future ride. So, keep reading for more information and product details.

  1. Shoei RF-1200 Helmet Reviews

Key Features:

  • This is the most comfortable helmet
  • Lightest Snell certified
  • Aerodynamic 
  • Pin lock bill prevents fogging.

Shoei RF-1200 is the first motorcycle helmet on our list. This helmet is a racing helmet, and it was already a massive hit in the market.

It is a comfortable and wearability helmet. This helmet has everything you want. With this helmet, you can race and street touring. One thing is to define this is a stunning helmet. 

The inner lining is high quality, and all part of the hypoallergenic inner lining is washable and removable. It also features a comfortable lining in the lower half. Most of the users say that they just forgot a helmet sitting on their shoulders. 

There is no doubt the RF-1200 lightest Snell certified helmet. The long touring rider can be much more comfortable with this helmet.

  1. Arai XD4 Helmet Reviews

Key features:

  • Full face dual-sport helmet
  • Adventure Touring
  • Fully removable, and washable core 
  • DOT and Snell M2015 Certified

Like the previous good quality helmet, This is a high- quality and high-end helmet. The XD4 motorcycle helmet also is a high-end price. This motorcycle helmet price tag is the summit of dual-sport motorcycle helmets.

It is an incredible vision, and full vertical and horizontal clearance can fully view in all-round like this kind of helmet you want for an adventure tour. 

The full shape of this helmet is a durable and sturdy posture. When you take it in your hand, you can say it is an excellent honor XD series from Aria. 

All-round quality, safety, and comfort XD4 is the direct path for all adventure touring motorcycle helmets. And it is the top choice for ADV tour lovers.

  1. Bell Qualifier DLX Full Face Motorcycle Helmet Reviews

Key Features:

  • Include transmission protector 
  • Anti-fog, anti-scratch with UV safety
  • Polycarbonate combined shell
  • lightweight structure

All of the first-time riders can enjoy this bell Qualifier DLX helmet. One of the favorite budget racing helmets is the Bell. The DLX includes incredible features that look great and feel great. 

Undoubtedly, the qualifier DLX is the best racing motorcycle helmet, and the price range is $250. Bell always gave a great job; The Bell is famous all over the United States and Europe. 

Everyone can trust this brand because of its best performance. Every qualifier DLX has standard Transition Photochromic face protection. Usually, this DLX will be twilight, during foggy conditions.

So, don’t hope this helmet shifts back and onward when you present under cloud coverage. The other great feature is this helmet that clicks release technology.

  1. Bell Custom 500 Motorcycle Helmet Reviews 

Key Features:

  • Antibacterial core 
  • Lots of space around the helmet
  • five incorporated pressure structures 
  • Low profile fiberglass composite pellet 

Bell Custom 500 helmet is for the rider who wants to get something personal with their motorcycle helmet. This Custom 500 helmet from Bell is precisely called ‘Custom’ cause every rider wants to customize it. 

For the making of this helmet, use all of the accessories that can be attached. The Custom is a vintage, classic, tested and tried, and it depends on how you wear it. With smooth, glorious, the Custom 500 has all space.

Set it on the side of the helmet whatever you want: colleges, Tv-shows, sports teams, etc. It has five different liner species for every size, confirming that this helmet will sit on your head suitably. It is a DOT certified customizable helmet. 

  1. Bell Moto-9 Mips Off-Road Helmet Reviews

Key Features:

  • Entire face Motocross helmet
  • Simple to adjust helmet visor
  • Bell’s MIP technology impact
  • Magnetic cheek liners

The Bell Moto-9 helmet is an expensive motocross helmet, but we suggest it is best for you in 2020. It was knocking down all the levels of comfort, ventilation, safety, and style. It also added many safety features on this helmet. 

Having a high-quality interior liner, it is a comfortable helmet. For that, you feel pleased when you are riding your motorcycle on a hot afternoon. 

The most crucial matter is that MIPS technology is being innovative by the bell. In these helmets, chin belt and cheek liner are held in position with unique magnets. 

That easily you can remove during the emergency time. One of the industry’s most trusted names is the moto-9 helmet. Every professional rider chose this great helmet.


Q: What are the best motorcycle helmet speakers?

Ans:  When you are on the way, and you are feeling bored. This motorcycle helmet speaker can convert your helmet into a mobile communication system. It is easy to set up and safe to use while you are riding.

Q: Where is the best place to purchase a motorcycle helmet?

Ans: An online is the right place for purchasing a motorcycle helmet.

Q. What is the best Bluetooth motorcycle helmet?

Ans: Bluetooth helmet is the best way to stay connected with all while you drive. With this Bluetooth, you can take calls, listen to music and, and converse with other people when you are riding.

Final Thoughts

When you are going to choose the best motorcycle helmet, it is essential to do research and consider it. Here we are trying to get you closer to choosing the right helmet, so now you can get back on the road. But, If you are new in this place, then you need to know more about buying this helmet. However, thanks for reading this article, and we hope this is helpful for you.



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