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Bike Price in Bangladesh

In south Asian nations like Bangladesh Bike cost is a major factor in individuals’ expectations for everyday comforts. Bike is a part of a nation’s vehicle division, so it additionally can partake in a nations GDP development. Industrialization in-vehicle area still in process, even in the Bike section there isn’t sufficient venture arrangement yet to give quality Bikes or bicycles to general people groups of the nation. Accordingly we need to rely upon import, which is extravagant here in Bangladesh. As a result Bike cost is going to high not in charge of buying intensity of general people groups. We should see all the Bikes cost in Bangladesh, where we have isolated all the Bike models by brand.

TVS Bikes

The organization was conceived in 1911, the establishing father, T V Sundaram Iyengar, who would not settle overseeing littler organizations like transport armada activities or vehicle overhauling. He needed to manufacture a business that would make a group of similarly invested people seeking after simply the best in quality and norms. What’s more, he made his fantasies a reality.

The achievement of the TVS bunch is established in their originator’s very own conviction framework – a guarantee to the estimations of trust and client care. In spite of the fact that the organization is named after the author, the letters TVS have consistently represented Trust, Value, and Service inside the organization.

This remaining parts the managing, overall way of thinking by which the gathering capacities. It was just normal that achievement and market administration followed. Today, the TVS Group is one of India’s driving providers of car parts, with more than 90 Companies under its umbrella and an income of around INR. 59400 Cr in 2017-18. The first four organizations in quite a while to have won the desired Deming Prize are from the TVS Group.

Price List of Available TVS Bikes in Bangladesh (High to Low Price):

                                 Bikes                                         Price In BDT
TVS Apache RTR 160 4V DDTk. 1,84,900
TVS Apache RTR 160 4VTk. 1,74,827
TVS Apache RTR 160 DDTk. 1,69,827
TVS Apache RTR 160Tk. 1,62,827
TVS Wego 110Tk. 1,38,900
TVS MaxTk. 1,38,900
TVS Max 125STTk. 1,38,000
TVS JupiterTk. 1,36,900
TVS StrykerTk.1,14,605
TVS Metro Plus DiscTk. 1,04,827
TVS Metro Plus DrumTk. 97,827
TVS RadeonTk. 89,460
TVS Metro ESTk. 84,437
TVS Metro KSTk. 78,437
TVS XL 100 ESTk. 65,070
TVS XL 100Tk. 55,070

Currently Apache RTR 150 (SD/DD) bikes are not officially available in Bangladesh. But you can find it 2nd hand on online market place like

BAJAJ Bikes Price in Bangladesh

HH (Bajaj) began its activity in 1998, under the leader of Golchha Organization, one of the main corporate substances of Nepal. It is the approved vendor of Bajaj Motorcycles of Nepal. With inventive promoting activities and committed clients amicable methodology, Bajaj bicycles presently appreciate the most elevated situation in the market. By offering simple financing plans and different offices and gatherings has helped support the development of cruiser deals in Nepal.

HH Bajaj has a scope of 18 models to offer. In the course of the most recent 19 years HH Bajaj has not just gotten effective in picking up fame among Nepali bicycle riders yet additionally has broadened itself with the biggest appropriation system of 81 outlets. Bajaj not just gives quality items at each conceivable territory of the nation yet additionally guarantees solid offers deals, administration, and accessibility of certifiable extras parts from all edges of Nepal. HH Bajaj today has a staff base of 220 representatives who are devoted to satisfying the responsibility of coming to any place the bicycle can reach.

Bajaj makes and sells bikes, bikes, auto-rickshaws, and vehicles. Starting in 2004, Bajaj Auto was India’s biggest exporter of bikes. Bajaj is the main Indian bike maker to convey 4-stroke worker cruisers with energetic execution for the Indian market. Bajaj accomplished this with the 150cc and 180cc Pulsar. Bikes delivered by Bajaj incorporate the Platina, Discover, Pulsar, Avenger, Dominar 400, and CT 100. In FY 2012–13, it sold roughly 37.6 lakh (3.76 million) bikes which represented 31% of the piece of the pie in India. Of these, around 24.6 lakh (2.46 million) bikes (66%) were sold in India, and the staying 34% were traded.

Price List of Available BAJAJ Bikes in Bangladesh (High to Low Price)

BikePrice In BDT
Pulsar NS 160 F1 With ABSTk. 2,32,837
Pulsar NS 160 Twin Disc ABSTk. 1,89,900
Bajaj Pulsar NS 160Tk. 1,82,900
Bajaj Pulsar 150 Twin DiscTk. 1,76,900
Pulsar 150 (2017)Tk. 1,64,900
Bajaj Pulsar 150 NeonTk. 1,48,900
Bajaj Discover 100CCTk. 1,26,000
Bajaj Discover 125 (Disc)Tk. 1,24,500
Bajaj Discover 125 (Drum)Tk. 1,17,500
Bajaj Discover 110 (Disc)Tk. 1,12,500
Bajaj Discover 110Tk. 1,11,500
Bajaj Platina 100Tk. 96,900
Bajaj Platina Comfortec (ES)Tk. 91,900
Bajaj CT 100BTk. 89,900
Bajaj CT 100ESTk. 83,500

Bajaj Pulsar 150 AS & Bajaj V15 bikes are currently not available officially in Bangladesh. You can buy them 2nd hand by simply searching them on online market places like & by searching ‘Bajaj V15 price in Bangladesh’.

Hero Bikes

Saint MotoCorp Ltd. (Once in the past Hero Honda Motors Ltd.) is the world’s biggest maker of two – wheelers, situated in India. In 2001, the organization accomplished the desired situation of being the biggest bike producing organization in India and furthermore, the ‘World No.1’ bike organization as far as unit volume deals in a schedule year. Legend MotoCorp Ltd. keeps on keeping up this situation till date.


The narrative of Hero Honda started with a basic vision – the vision of a versatile and an engaged India, fueled by its bikes. Legend MotoCorp Ltd., organization’s new character, mirrors its dedication towards furnishing world class portability arrangements with recharged center around extending organization’s impression in the worldwide field.


Legend MotoCorp’s mission is to turn into a worldwide endeavor satisfying its clients’ needs and goals for versatility, setting benchmarks in innovation, styling and quality so it changes over its clients into its image advocates. The organization will give a drawing in condition to its kin to perform to their actual potential. It will proceed with its emphasis on esteem creation and suffering associations with its accomplices.


The Company’s development in the bike showcase in India is the aftereffect of an inborn capacity to expand reach in new geologies and development markets. Saint MotoCorp’s broad deals and administration organize now ranges over to 6000 client contact focuses. These contain a blend of approved vendors, administration and extra parts outlets, and seller delegated outlets the nation over.

Legend India offers an aggregate of 31 bicycles. These comprise of 3 Hero forthcoming bicycles and 28 new Hero bicycles in India. The rundown of Hero bicycle models in the nation contains 17 worker bicycles, 3 games bicycles, 6 bike, 2 rough terrain bicycles. A portion of the famous Hero bicycles in India incorporate Hero Splendor Plus, Hero HF Deluxe i3s, Hero Super Splendor, Hero HF Deluxe, Hero Passion Pro i3S, Hero XPulse 200T, Hero Splendor iSmart 110, Hero Splendor Pro, Hero Glamor 125, Hero Passion Pro 110, Hero Pleasure Plus 110, Hero Pleasure, Hero XPulse 200, Hero Karizma ZMR, Hero Passion Xpro, Hero Glamor Programmed FI, Hero Glamor, Hero Maestro Edge, Hero Achiever, Hero Xtreme Sports, Hero HF Dawn, Hero Destini 125, Hero Xtreme 200S, Hero HF Deluxe Eco, Hero Splendor iSmart, Hero Extreme 200R, Hero Duet, Hero Maestro Edge 125. As of May 2020, Hero has a sum of 887 businesses spread across 485 urban communities in India.

Price List of Available Hero Bikes in Bangladesh (High to Low Price)

                                  Bike                          Price in BDT
                             Hero Hunk                           Tk. 1,61,990
                      Hero maestro Edge                           Tk. 1,29,990
                          Hero Pleasure                           Tk. 1,22,990
                         Hero Ignitor 125                           Tk. 1,20,990
                          Hero Achiever                           Tk. 1,19,990
                          Hero Glamour                           Tk. 1,13,990
                      Hero Passion X Pro                           Tk. 1,08,990
                     Splendor iSmart plus                           Tk.1,01,990
                   Hero Splendor iSmart                            Tk. 99,990
                    Hero Splendor Plus                            Tk. 93,990
                       Hero HF Deluxe                            Tk. 92,990

Hero Xtreme Sports & Hero HF Dawn bikes are currently not available officially in Bangladesh. You can buy them 2nd hand by simply searching them on online market places like & by searching by bike’s model.

Honda Bikes

Honda has been the world’s biggest bike maker since 1959, arriving at a creation of 400 million before the finish of 2019, just as the world’s biggest producer of inward ignition motors estimated by volume, delivering in excess of 14 million inside burning motors every year. Honda turned into the biggest Japanese vehicle maker in 2001. Honda was the eighth biggest carmaker on the planet in 2015.

Honda was the primary Japanese carmaker to discharge a committed extravagance brand, Acura, in 1986. Beside their center car and cruiser organizations, Honda additionally makes garden hardware, marine motors, individual watercraft and force generators, and different items. Since 1986, Honda has been associated with man-made brainpower/mechanical autonomy look into and discharged its ASIMO robot in 2000. They have wandered into aviation with the foundation of GE Honda Aero Engines in 2004 and the Honda HA-420 Honda Jet, which started creation in 2012. Honda has three joint-adventures in China: Honda China, Dongfeng Honda, and Guangqi Honda.

In 2013, Honda contributed about 5.7% (US$6.8 billion) of its incomes in innovative work. In 2013, Honda turned into the primary Japanese automaker to be a net exporter from the United States, sending out 108,705 Honda and Acura models, while bringing in just 88,357.

Price List of Available Honda Bikes in Bangladesh (High to Low Price)

BikePrice In BDT
CB 150R ExmotionTk. 5,50,000
CBR 150R MotoGP (ABS)Tk. 4,80,000
CBR 150R 2019Tk. 4,50,000
CBR 150R StreetfireTk. 3,80,000
CB Hornet (ABS)Tk. 2,55,000
CB Hornet (CBS)Tk. 1,89,900
Honda X Blade 160Tk. 1,72,900
Honda DioTk. 1,42,900
Honda CB Shine SPTk. 1,20,900
Honda LivoTk. 1,07,900
Honda Dream NeoTk. 93,900

Honda CB Trigger, Honda Wave Alpha, Honda Shine, and Honda CD 80 bikes are currently not available officially in Bangladesh. You can buy them 2nd hand by simply searching them on online market places like & by searching by bike’s model.

Yamaha Bikes

The bike division of Yamaha was established in 1955 and was going by Genichi Kawakami. Yamaha’s underlying item was a 125 cc (7.6 cu in) two-cycle, single chamber cruiser, the YA-1, which was a duplicate of the German DKW RT 125. The YA-1 was a serious accomplishment at hustling from the earliest starting point, winning not just the 125cc class in the Mt. Fuji Ascent, yet in addition clearing the platform with first, second and third spot in the All Japan Auto bike Endurance Road Race that equivalent year. Early achievement in hustling set the pace for Yamaha, as rivalry in numerous assortments of bike dashing has been a key undertaking of the organization since its commencement, regularly filled by a solid contention with Honda and other Japanese producers.

Yamaha started contending globally in 1956 when they entered the Catalina Grand Prix, again with the YA-1, at which they set 6th. YA-1 was trailed by the YA-2 of 1957, another 125cc two-stroke, however with fundamentally improved edge and suspension. The YD-1 of 1957 was a 250cc two-stroke twin-chamber bike, looking like the YA-2, however with a bigger and all the more impressive engine. A presentation form of this bicycle, the YDS-1 housed the 250cc two-stroke twin in a twofold down tube support outline and offered the initial five-speed transmission in a Japanese cruiser. This period additionally observed Yamaha offer its first detachable marine motor.

By 1963 Yamaha’s devotion to both the two-stroke motor and hustling paid off with their first triumph in global rivalry, at the Belgium GP, where they won the 250cc class. Achievement in deals was much increasingly amazing, and Yamaha set up the first of its global auxiliaries in this period starting with Thailand in 1964, and the Netherlands in 1968. 1965 saw the arrival of a 305cc two-stroke twin, the leader of the organization’s lineup. It highlighted different oil flexibly which straightforwardly infused oil into the gas preceding ignition (customarily riders needed to pre-combine oil into gas before filling the gas tank on two-stroke motors). In 1967 another bigger uprooting model was added to the range, the 350cc two-stroke twin R-1.

In 1968 Yamaha propelled their initial four-stroke bike, the XS-1. The Yamaha XS-1 was a 650cc four-stroke twin, a bigger and all the more remarkable machine that approached the uprooting and execution of the well-known British bicycles of the period, for example, the Triumph Bonneville and BSA Gold Star. Yamaha proceeded with both the two-stroke line and four-stroke twins during a period that other Japanese producers were progressively moving to four-chamber four-stroke machines, a pattern drove by Honda in 1969 with the incredible CB-750 four-stroke four-chamber cycle.

Price List of Available Yamaha Bikes in Bangladesh (High to Low Price)

BikePrice In BDT
Yamaha R15 V3 MonsterTk. 4,95,000
Yamaha R15 V3 Indian Dual ABSTk. 4,85,000
Yamaha MT15Tk. 4,35,000
Yamaha NMaxTk. 4,25,000
Yamaha XTZTk. 3,25,000
Yamaha Fazer FITk. 2,61,000
Yamaha FZS FI Version 3Tk. 2,35,000
Yamaha FZ FI Version 3Tk. 2,33,000
Yamaha FZS FI Double DiscTk. 2,00,000
Yamaha Ray ZR Street RallyTk. 1,61,940
Yamaha Saluto 125Tk. 1,25,940

Yamaha R15 V3 155.1CC bike is currently not available officially in Bangladesh. You can buy them 2nd hand by simply searching them on online market places like & by searching by bike’s model.

Suzuki Bikes

In 1909, Michio Suzuki established the Suzuki Loom Works in the little seacoast town of Hamamatsu, Japan. Business blasted as Suzuki constructed weaving looms for Japan’s monster silk industry. In 1929, Michio Suzuki concocted another kind of weaving machine, which was sent out abroad. The organization’s initial 30 years concentrated on the turn of events and the creation of these machines.

In spite of the accomplishment of his weaving machines, he accepted that his organization would profit by expansion and he started to take a gander at different items. In view of the purchaser request, he concluded that building a little vehicle would be the most useful new pursuit. The undertaking started in 1937, and inside two years Suzuki had finished a few minimized model vehicles. These first Suzuki engine vehicles were fueled by a then-inventive, fluid cooled, four-stroke, four-chamber motor.

With the beginning of World War II, creation plans for Suzuki’s new vehicles were ended when the administration pronounced nonmilitary personnel traveler vehicles an “insignificant product.” At the finish of the war, Suzuki returned to delivering looms. Loom creation was given a lift when the U.S. government affirmed the transportation of cotton to Japan. Suzuki’s fortunes up as requests expanded from local material makers. Be that as it may, the delight was brief as the cotton advertises crumbled in 1951.

Volkswagen held a 19.9% non-controlling shareholding in Suzuki somewhere in the range of 2009 and 2015. A global assertion court requested Volkswagen to sell the stake back to Suzuki. Suzuki paid $3.8bn to finish the stock repurchase in September 2015.

Price List of Available Suzuki Bikes in Bangladesh (High to Low Price)

BikePrice In BD
Suzuki GSX-S150Tk. 3,75,000
Suzuki GSX-R150Tk. 3,50,000
Suzuki Intruder FI ABSTk. 2,99,000
Suzuki IntruderTk. 2,75,000
Suzuki BurgmanTk. 2,35,917
Suzuki Gixxer SF FITk. 2,19,950
Suzuki Gixxer SF Double DiscTk. 2,09,950
Suzuki Gixxer SF 185Tk. 2,09,950
Gixxer Double DiscTk. 1,89,950
Suzuki GixxerTk. 1,64,950
Suzuki Lets (Scooter)Tk. 1,36,917
Suzuki AccessTk. 1,35,000
Suzuki Hayate EPTk. 1,09,950
Suzuki HayateTk. 84,950

Suzuki Gixxer SF (2019) bike is currently not available officially in Bangladesh. You can buy them 2nd hand by simply searching them on online market places like & by searching by bike’s model.

KTM Bike

In 1934, an Austrian specialist Johann (Hans) Trunkenpolz set up a fitter’s and vehicle auto shop in Mattighofen. In 1937, he began selling DKW cruisers and Opel vehicles the next year. His shop was known as Kraftfahrzeug Trunkenpolz Mattighofen, yet the name was unregistered. During the Second World War, his significant other dealt with the business which was flourishing mostly because of diesel motor fixes.

After the war, interest for fix works fell strongly and Trunkenpolz began pondering delivering his own cruisers. The model of his first bike, the R100, was worked in 1951. The parts of the bike were delivered in house, aside from the Rotax motors which were made by Fichtel and Sachs. The sequential creation of the R100 began in 1953. With only 20 representatives, bikes were worked at the pace of three every day.


Presently claimed by KTM Motorradholding GmbH, which was framed by Cross Holding (a Cross Industries girl), and different speculators, KTM Sportmotorcycle GmbH began activity in 1992 and later assumed control over the kin tooling division KTM Werkzeugbau. In the next years, while consistently expanding creation and turnover, putting resources into new creation and R and D offices, presenting new models and effectively supporting and participating in different race sports occasions, the organization experienced a progression of restructurings and partner changes guided by KTM’s overseeing executive and Cross Industries proprietor Stefan Pierer. In 1994, KTM began the creation of the Duke arrangement of street cruisers, in 1996, KTM motocross machines were first decked out in KTM’s mark orange shading, and 1997 saw the presentation of fluid-cooled two-chamber Supermoto and Adventure bikes. In 2007, the organization appeared the KTM X-Bow sports vehicle.  Pierre Mobility AG is halfway claimed by Pierer Industrie AG (60.87%)

KTM Duke 125 (European Version) is only now officially available in Bangladesh.

BikePrice In BDT
KTM Duke 125 (European Version)5,95,000

KTM RC 125 (European) bike is currently not available officially in Bangladesh. You can buy them 2nd hand by simply searching them on online market places like & by searching by bike’s model.

Royal Enfield Bikes (Not Available in Bangladesh)

Royal Enfield is a notable royal bike brand on the planet, which was a brand name under The Enfield Cycle Company Limited. This Enfield Cycle Company likewise castoff the brand name Enfield without Royal. History state, the principal Royal Enfield cruiser was worked in 1901. The Enfield Cycle Company is subject for the plan and unique creation of the Royal Enfield Bullet, the longest-lived cruiser structure ever.


Royal Enfield cruiser configuration is not quite the same as other ordinary bike. The brand despite everything keeping the legacy, the greater part of the Royal Enfield cruiser models are conveying the legacy of our bike history. Royal Enfield bike models are real royal, their objective likewise royal clients on the planet.


Price of Royal Enfield cruiser is high around the world, however lower than its nearby rival Royal Enfield. In the regard of Bangladesh, Royal Enfield cruisers aren’t allowed to import. Due to BRTA (Bangladesh Road Transport Authority) rules, all imported bike motor ought to be beneath 165cc; however the majority of the Royal Enfield bicycles included with high force motor, which more than 350cc.

So it is very certain that, Royal Enfield bicycles won’t be accessible authoritatively here in Bangladesh in not so distant future.

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