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How To Wash A Bike | 9 Important Tips For Best Bike Wash

bike wash

The reason for washing bikes is not only to look excellent but also to run fast and a great job. So, with regular bike wash, you can protect your bike from damage and costly repairs. With 10 to 15 minutes you can do this work properly. But, for road or mountain bike wash, you need to take enough time. However, how to maintain your bike only depends on your riding style.

It would help if you washed your mountain bike every week in dry weather. After lots of time riding in muddy, wet conditions, cleaning your bike is essential. Anyway, with a hose and soapy bucket of water, you can properly clean your bike.

But every bike lover doesn’t know how to wash a bike properly. So, if you want to know about it, stay with us.

Why The Bike Wash Is Important:

Keep your bike wash regularly and get a bounce of benefits. The most significant advantage is that if you can lubricate your bike correctly, it always gives you a good performance.

Lubrication can protect your motorcycle moving parts from friction. Foam wash for bikes can be a good option for washing your bike.

It also can prevent all moving parts problems such as freezing up and rust. But be careful because over-lubricating can damage your bike parts and provides poor performance.

Cleaning your bike means it can alert you to notice any maintenance issues before becoming any significant problems.

When The Bike Wash Is Need: 

If your bike stays clean and you will go for a ride, you don’t need full washing afterward. At least everyone always wants to look the chain clean.

When your bike stays visibly dirty, then ideally, you want to wash it before the store. If your rear was shocking, then it can affect your performance. So, cleaning it will lengthen the life of your bike.

During your traveling and if you don’t have access to your bike hose, wash it with clean water. Or, you can also visit the shop in the nearby area.

Most bike-friendly hotels provide bike-washing spots. Then this can be the plus point for you.

Essentials Of Bike Wash:

  • Brushes:

To clean out all the crannies and nooks, you need specialist brushes. This set has everything that you need to wash the jockey wheels.

Different types of brands offer different types of bike wash brush kits. But if you don’t want this brush, you can use toothbrushes and an old dustpan brush.

  • Chain Washing Equipment:

There are plenty of degreasers to build your sparkling chain wash. One dedicated cleaner of the chain makes your work so more comfortable.

Just drop the degreaser once you have washed the chain. So carefully pour the chain so that your chain stays strong. However, you can reuse the degreaser when you need to clean your bike.

  • Rinsing Fluid:

Muc-Off Nano Tech cleaner use is safe for all parts of the bike. Furthermore, it can effectively remove all of the dirt. It also comes biodegradable, so it doesn’t pollute the environment with nasty chemicals. So, cleaning your bike efficiently without any problem.

  • Degreaser

If you want to cut the chain grime, a dedicated degreaser is essential. This aerosol can blow out all the dirt from the chain. Make sure not to use too much enthusiasm when spraying the degreaser.

  • Lubricant

Dry and wet chain If lubes certify the condition of use. Lube is viscous enough and will clasp to the rigid chain, even in the rain.

Still, in the dry, it can attract dust. It is mainly designed to be biodegradable. For that reason, it will not be harmful to the environment. So, I prefer and also choose it to wash my bike.

  • Bucket:

The bucket is the available component for washing your bike. So, you can use a bucket which you have regular use. This is a reasonable and reliable option that you need.

  • Towel:

After cleaning your bike, you have to dry it. If you don’t dry, you have the risk of streaky watermarks all over your motorcycle. So, one microfiber drying towel can dry your bike correctly. However, don’t forget to dry your bike after washing it.

  • Water Source: A garden hose or bucket. Use a pressure washer or jet wash. The jury will know whether it does reduce bearing life.
  • Workstand: It’s optional but helpful. So you can also use it.

How To Wash Your Bike:

You have a nice bike, and we sure, for regular repairs and maintenance, you take it into the garage. But do you properly wash it after using it regularly? For smoothly running, you need to keep rinsing your bike correctly.

With a clean towel or hose, you can typically clean it at home. But you cannot correctly wash it at home. For that reason, you need to know proper bike wash tips. From here, you can learn the appropriate way to best bike wash.

  1. With A Hose Spray Your Bike Down:

On your hose, don’t use a pressure washer or spray of ultra-intense. To wash the bike, never use a powerful water stream. Smith says you can use watering plants to clean the bike. Use a pressure washer system if your bearing was rust.

  • Clean Your Drivetrain:

Your bike transmission is a drivetrain. It comes with four parts components like chainrings, a rear derailleur, a cassette, and a chain.

The drivetrain can get you moving, but it becomes more chain issues on rust, dirt, and grime. Regular maintenance and cleaning can give your long-lasting drivetrain performance.

However, for cleaning your drivetrain, you need a chain washing device. Suppose you have, then used it. And, if you have not, then you can use the brush. You have to need this brush for the derailleur and cassette in any case.

Before using the brush, make sure your cleaning brush is special. Also, you can not use it in another part, especially on the brake.

  • Wash The Braking Surface Down

Polishing the rotors on your bike is very important. It’s no matter how much you can try, but we guarantee that your bike rotors get some mud. That’s why it’s smart to wash your edge brake.

Nevertheless, it would be best to clean the chain, because there’s always mud that you can find. This is a cause of problems with disc brakes.

For wash, take the clean paper towel and spray some degreaser to wash the rotors.

  • Clean And Apply Detergent

Clean the bike with extra care if you want to use the jet wash. You can use the bucket, hose, and sponge to wash the motorcycle and remove the mud and grime. If you want to use a jet wash, you need to turn the spirit down.

Just spray the detergent in the central tubes and the dirt areas and clean them properly.

  • To Scrub The Chain, Use A Bio Degreaser:

Cut the biodegradable soap but don’t ruin your bike chain. Near the bike stores or lubricant, you can find it. Spray some oil on your rag and grip it on the chain.

Lightly enough, clamp the chain for freely moving between your fingers. Now pedal your bike with the other hand and run your bike chain for 2 to 3 cycles.

Continuously you can do it 2-4 more times. Do it with your one-hand fingers on the bottom, top, and both sides of the chain.

  • Tires And Wheels Clean:

Fall the designated brush into the water bucket with soap. Now polish the tires properly with this soapy water. After plunging the tires, you can see the soapy water will bubble up.

You can notice quickly that your bike was clean. But we will wait until we clean it properly. For good performance from your motorcycle, engine oil replacement is very crucial.

  • Tidy up The Frame:

To clean your bike frame, use the same bucket of soapy water. With the reserved soft brush, clean your curd off the bike frame.

If you have grit and grime, the stunt isn’t further eater pressure. Care about it like you would the car.

During your bike ride, you can notice any scuffs that occurred on the frame. For more credit, put a coat of brushing alcohol to remove any scuffs from the edge.

  • Brake Pads And Edges Clean:

Give a good wash on the rims of the wheels. Also, wipe the pads and make sure there is no crud on the braking surface.

  • Close Your Drivetrain Eye:

The drivetrain is getting dirty in a few areas. But there is a most crucial area that you need to clean. If you use your bike weekly, daily cleaning your bike cassette, the chain is essential.

Before the rest of your bike is adequately cleaned, a drivetrain is necessary. After cleaning your drivetrain, you should potentially check your drivetrain. And, it would be best if you lube your bike chain every 1 to 2 weeks.

Final Word:

On the other hand, to protect your bike from damage and rust, regularly cleaning is essential. At a minimum, you should clean your bike monthly. But, if you tend your bike after every 20 to 25 rides, then it’s ideal.

Then you can perform without any damages from 1-2 years. After all, everything you need to know about bike wash is crucial if you love to ride.

Sometimes you always have to clean your bike. Whenever you can see your bike is full of grease, dirt, grime, cleaning your bike is essential.


We gave a service of bike washing. Our bike washing team is ready to lube, clean, and dry your bike two-wheeled. Anyhow, please don’t be late and come to our spot for your favorite bike wash.


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