Fastest Bikes: Which Is The Fastest?

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Fastest motorcycle:

Many people think that, the top speed of the bike depends on the cc limit of the bike. But the main thing is not like that.CC meant the physical size of the piston of the cylinder engine. It comes from bore dial of the piston. Using cylindrical volume formula with the help of the value of diameter & pie (π) we can get piston volume in cubic centimeter (cc), Such as 100 CC or 150 CC.

All the fastest production motorcycles are made depending on some features, such as:

Engine cylinder, piston size

Motorcycle weight

Power transmission condition

Cooling system

Some fast motorcycle in the world:

1. Dodge Tomahawk- 560 KM/H

Back in 2003 Dodge created a significant machine within the quantity of 550,000 North American nation greenbacks with cylinder engine, believed that it’s the quickest bike within the world. allow us to discuss dodge tomahawk specs, the bike will run quicker than Shinkansen a train in japan with 320 Kmph. wherever dodge tomahawk high-speed cylinder engine in kmph is 630, that is nearly double than the numbers expressed earlier Harley Davidson street, this freaky sculpture will gain ninety-seven km/h speed simply in 2 and a seconds.

Bike engine relies on serpent V-10 that’s Associate in nursing engine of serpent sports cars created by identical companies. It was, first of all, launched at International machine Show in the city, the corporate created them nine in range to check the value close to significant bike lovers. Machine Dodge tomahawk sound isn’t louder however deeper infect. Once it involves comparison dodge tomahawk vs Bugatti Veyron, the automotive is the fastest production nearly in speed than the bike Associate in nursing having an engine double in power 1001 H.P.


Dodge Tomahawk

Model: Dodge Tomahawk

Year: 2003

Category: Prototype / concept model

Rating: 63.9 out of 100.

Displacement: 8277.00 ccm (505.06 cubic inches)

Engine Type:       V10, four-stroke

Power:  500.00 HP (365.0 kW)) @ 5600 RPM

Torque: 712.10 Nm (72.6 kgf-m or 525.2 ft.lbs) @ 4200 RPM

Top Speed: 482.8 km/h (300.0 mph)

0-100 km/h (0-62 mph): 2.500 seconds

Max RPM: 6000

2. Kawasaki Ninja H2R (397 KM/H)

The 2020 Ninja H2R is sort of virtually the foremost powerful supersport bike to ever emerge from Kawasaki. It’s additionally the foremost powerful bike and fastest production motorcycle within the totality of the 2020 model year, across all makers. it’s the primary of what several enthusiasts (and even makers themselves) square measure line of work hyper sport bikes, because of the very fact that it produces 310 crank horsepower and one hundred fifteen lbs-ft of crank torsion from a supercharged 998cc inline-four in a very bike that features a full wet weight of solely 476 lbs.

We have broken the H2R break away the H2 for the rationale that the H2R isn’t street legal, because of the very fact that it uses Kawasaki athletics derived elements, doesn’t have mirrors, indicators, and uses athletics slick tires. Excluding that, the H2R uses an especially robust welded steel trellis frame at the side of multiple carbon fiber fairings, and even winglets on the front of the bike close to the handlebars and mechanics deflectors before of the knees.

Another fascinating reality of the H2R is that it presently holds the unofficial prime speed record for manufactory stock motorcycles, at 250 MPH (or four hundred KM/H), set employing a 2016 version of the bike in Turkey.

The 2020 Kawasaki Ninja H2R starts at $55,000 US/$61,200 CA

Price: $55,000 US/$61,200 CA

Key Features:

Abs (Anti-lock Brake System)

Supercharged Engine

LED Lighting

Engine Type: 998cc, 4-stroke, 4-cylinder

Power: 310 Hp

Wet Weight: 476.3 lb

Seat Height: 32.7 in

Key Competitors

BMW HP4 Race

Ducati Panigale R

Aprilia RSV4 R Factory

3. MTT TURBINE Y2K- 227 M/H (365 KM/H)

I With an influence output of 286bhp and a prime I speed of run over 200mph (322km/h), Jet aero-engine With a Rolls-Royce badge on its nose – the rotary engine was Rolls’ Allison 250 as employed in the Bell Jet Ranger – Associate in nursing emitting a high-pitched whine of a sort ordinarily detected on a flying field runway, yr. Appeared the foremost unbelievable of bikes.

However in a way, it created excellent sense. Marine rotary engine Technologies (MTT) specialized in taking ‘timed-out’ jet aero engines – units that had reached the strict limits on running hours, obligatory for safety reasons – and victimization them in new applications, from boats to fireside pumps and the occasional machine vehicle and that’s it is one of the top 10 fastest motorcycles.


Once MTT president Teddy boy McIntyre determined to feature a bike to his firm’s vary, he appointed Christian Trivet, a former bike racer, and custom builder, to move the project. Jet engines run best at a continuing speed and in eggbeater use the turbine’s mechanical device spun at over fifty, 000rpm. For motorbike use, trivet side a shell and clutch to require drive through ninety degrees to a sprocket, and from there by the chain to the rear wheel. The motor ran on diesel. ‘It will use something from traditional pump gas to hard drink or perhaps Chanel fragrance,’ aforesaid traverse. ‘But diesel burns most with f4rr efficiency therefore that is what makes most power.’

Trivet conjointly designed and designed the chassis, that was similar in layout thereto of a standard superbike – however a lot of larger and stronger. A twin-beam metal frame command typical Ohlin’s front forks and rear shock. If that plumbed virtually traditional, riding the yr was something, however.

Engine details

The bike had a tiny low TV screen within the cockpit (connected to a rear-facing camera) rather than mirrors. Once the starter button was ironed the rotary engine picked up speed, its whine rising to a shriek, till the rev-counter showed twenty, 000rpm, from that purpose ignition occurred impromptu and also, the bike was able to go. Low-speed acceleration was run-of-the-mine because of the tall wheelwork determined by a two-speed shell with automatic drive. Then the bike came alive, fast from 50mph (80km/h) with thrilling force and a smoothness that was virtually eerie.

Given the engine’s power and also the method that yr scorched from a standstill to Associate in Nursing severally recorded 227mph (365km/h) in barely fifteen seconds, MTT’s claims of 250mph (402km/h) performance were entirely thinkable MTT Street fighter Produces 420 power unit MTT, Marine rotary engine Technologies Iraqi National Congress area unit rotary engine specialists. Primarily based in South Louisiana, US, MTT is one in every of the world’s most older professionals within the rotary engine trade, having completed a lot of various, custom rotary engine installations than the other company within the world. Manufacturing 320 power unit and 576Nm of force however this machine seen wasn’t enough to satisfy MTT’s catecholamine.

Therefore one step a lot of has been taken. Headed by Teddy boy McIntyre II, MTT designed the Street fighter that supercharged by Rolls Royce-Allison rotary engine to provide 420bhp and 680Nm of force. whereas the yr rotary engine Superbike may run to prime speed of 227 mph (365 km/h), the MTT Street fighter quicker a minimum of 400km/h. MTT Street fighter moreover as quicker than MTT yr rotary engine Superbike, options an even bigger swinger, Pirelli Diablo 240-section rear tire, hyperbolic fuel capability Associate in nursing an increased cooling system.

That includes a full carbon fiber fairing, 17-inch carbon fiber wheels, hollow metal alloy frame, a rear-mounted camera with show|LCD|digital display alphanumeric display} color display, computerized ignition, and two-speed automatic drive, a 55mm USD fork and oleo-pneumatic, Ohlin’s adjustable mono-shock, and three x 320mm discs from Rambo, this MTT Street fighter is priced US$175,000. I the bike that was named yr and made by Louisiana firm Marine rotary engine Technologies was virtually definitely the foremost powerful and quickest motorbike ever to travel into series production.

Providing yr. was supercharged by a turbine engine antecedently employed in an eggbeater, its performance was hardly stunning. Jet engines had been wont to power drag-racing bikes and a number of occurrence creations before; however, this was the primary time that such a machine was made for road-going use. Despite Y2K’s value people $150,000, there was enough demand for Marine rotary engine to make and sell tiny low series of machines over track only consequent few years.

4. SUZUKI HAYABUSA- 194 M/H (312 KM/H)

It is Japan’s bird of prey and a bike that brought along folks from all across the planet in large fan-club families. We tend to gift you the legendary Suzuki Hayabusa!

Back within the middle associated the late ‘90s there was an unspoken challenge between the large Japanese bike brands to form the world’s quickest production bike. First, there was the Kawasaki Ninja ZX-11. when your time, Honda joined the party with the cosmic microwave background 1100 XX (also called the “Super Blackbird”) and was firm to make the quickest production bike within the world. The name Honda gave to the cosmic microwave background 1100 wasn’t a coincidence. There’s a species of a bird that’s referred to as Blackbird, and also the world’s quickest craft is that the Lockheed SR-71 Blackbird with a liquid-cooled engine.

In 1999, Suzuki accepted the challenge and brought the GSX 1300R, additionally called the Hayabusa. Some area unit voice communication that the name Suzuki gave to the GSX 1300R was an on the spot attack to Honda’s Blackbird. That’s as a result of Hayabusa is that the Japanese word for “peregrine falcon”, that is that the natural predator of the blackbird.

The irresponsibleness of the facility plant has been tried over the years by riders that went on long journeys around the continents. Beneath the Hayabusa’s fairings, normal folks and customizers found one powerful and reliable engine to change. Knowing that it was bullet-proof, some crazy people across the planet intercalary turbo systems, pushing the facility output of this engine to over 250 HP while not dynamical the internals of the engine.

As a result, the highest speed contest complete, and a gentlemen’s agreement between Japanese and European makers was place in situ. From that moment, nobody would build motorcycles that might check 186 mph (300 km/h).

Before the gentlemen’s agreement, the Suzuki Hayabusa was listed within the 2000 Millennium Edition of Guinness World Records because the world’s quickest production bike with a staggering high speed of 194 mph (312 km/h), and this is often one in all the explanations we tend to enclose it in our list.

5. HONDA CBR1100XX BLACKBIRD- 190 M/H (310 KM/H)

Honda could be a notable Japan whole that is additionally the manufacturer of this trendy Honda CBR1100XX Blackbird. The highest speed which will be earned by this bike is one hundred ninety mph (310 km/h). The engine specifications area unit 1137 cc, liquid-cooled, and 4 cylinder engine. 114 kilowatt (153 hp) @ ten, 000 rev power is made by this motorbike. The opposite major feature concerning this bike is the usage of 6-speed transmission creating it among the highest quickest bikes on road.

In the middle of Nineties, Honda was firm to supply the world’s quickest production bike and to require over the associated bragging rights and promoting impact, at the time control by Kawasaki’s Ninja ZX11. This LED to the discovery of the CBR1100XX Super Blackbird. The Blackbird name may be a nod to the Lockheed SR-71 craft, the world’s quickest production craft. And it is one of the fastest motorcycles in the world.

N the Feb 1997 issue of Sport Rider magazine, the CBR1100XX was tested at a prime speed of 178.5 mph (287.3 km/h), compared with a hundred seventy-five mph (281.6 km/h) for the ZX-11. Its control over the ZX-11 was confirmed in Gregorian calendar month 2007 by bike client News, though the speeds achieved were slightly lower and therefore the margin was narrower.

In 1999, the Suzuki Hayabusa overtook the CBR1100XX. it was listed within the 2000 Millennium Edition of Guinness World Records because the world’s quickest production bike with a prime speed of 194 mph (312 km/h).

6. YAMAHA YZF R1- 186 M/H (297 KM/H)

1998 saw Japanese company Yamaha manufacturing the simplest in school sports bike or superbikes. Yamaha redesigned YZF R1 in 1999 and also the newer version had higher gear, mileage, fuel tank, and high power torsion engine. There was each speed and luxury. Yamaha YZF R1 reaches a speed of 229km per hour.

Yamaha launched the YZF-R1 once redesigning the Genesis engine to make a lot of compact engine by raising the case input shaft and permitting the case output shaft to be placed at a lower place it. This ‘stacked gearbox’ was followed by alternative makers. Compacting the engine created the engine abundant shorter, permitting the distance to be shortened. This allowed the frame style to put the load of the engine within the frame to help handling as a result of the associate optimized center of gravity. The swinger might be created longer while not compromising the distance that was a brief one, 385 mm (54.5 in).

Four forty millimeter Keihin CV carburetors fed fuel to the engine. It had KYB the wrong way up to forty-one-millimeter front forks and three hundred millimeter semi-floating disk brakes. The panel was electrical with a self-diagnosing system and digital speed readout. The exhaust used Yamaha’s Exhaust final Power Valve (EXUP) that controlled the exhaust gas flow to maximize engine power production in any respect revs. This created a high hopped-up and high torsion engine. The Yamaha YZF-R6 was introduced in 1999 because of the 600 cc version of the R1 superbike.

7. MV AGUSTA F4 1000R- 176 M/H (299 KM/H)

MV Augusta metal 1000R is an unbelievable production. With 3 things behind the designing: character, sporting spirit, and quality; the bike may be a beast on road. It offers everything that a biker wants. Running on a 998cc engine, FR 1000R, Brembo brakes, and aluminum enable frame; the bike provides may be a mix of technology that gives comfort with the joys. The utmost speed is 301 kicks per hour.

The MV Agusta F4 a thousand R is that the quickest category C bike, having the ability to achieve 409.5 km/h (254.3 mph) at MAX+PRO whiles, not a standardization Kit. With a standardization Kit it reaches 423.1 km/h (262.7 mph). With a powerful supercharged boost giving it an additional hyperbolic total speed of 471.1 km/h (292.6 mph), even above the present quickest category B automotive, electric bike the Mazda RX-8 Special Edition, the F4 will contend with the Sparrow city and Maserati Alfieri. It additionally has superb acceleration, handling, and drifting, also as honest nitro potency.

8. APRILIA RSV 1000R MILLE- 175 M/H (278 KM/H)

Italian company Aprilia made RSV 1000R Mille from the year 2001 to 2010 and it was so a tremendous creation. it was compatible with each track and road. Running on a four-stroke internal-combustion engine, the most speed it might reach was 274 kick per hour. Except for the planning and engine capability, another factor that stood go into the case of 1000R Mille was the tire. The OZ wheel company that was one among the massive names in F1 automotive technology made the light-weight and ideal wheels for the R series.

The first RSV Mille (ME) was made up of 1998 to 2000, the updated RSV Mille (RP) from 2001 to 2002, and also the last update was created in 2003.

With a 998 cc 60-degree V-twin engine designed by the Austrian company Rotax, the RSV Mille was the primary massive displacement bike created by Aprilia that up to then had created up to 250cc engines.[3] This same engine was used unmodified within the Tuono and in slightly changed kind within the SL1000 genus Falco.

The Mille produced a sort of slipper clutch, that worked by employing a vacuum on a closed throttle from the manifold to relinquish the result of slipper clutch, however slowly on a closed throttle.

9. BMW K 1200S- 174 M/H (278 KM/H)

BMW came with the 1200S within the year 2005-06. Associate degree addition to the K series, the BMW K 1200S created a mark as a very completely different bike. Steam-powered with associate degree 1157 cc four-cylinder inline engine, the K 1200S is very innovative and powerful. BMW transferred a number of the most effective technologies from its cars and F1 sports program into the creating of K1200S, and also the result’s the bike being one among the quickest bikes within the world. For a sports bike, riding position, sitting comfort, footpegs, and ground clearance is vital. And every one of those appears excellent within the K1200S.

The BMW K1300S maybe a bike introduced in Gregorian calendar month 2008. It replaced the outgoing K1200S that had been in production since September 2004. The K1300S options a rise in engine capability of 136cc over the K1200S, a rise in power to one hundred seventy-five power unit (130 kW), freshly titled fairings, and a replacement exhaust. The traveler tested a quarter-mile time of ten.62 sec. @ 133.03 mph.

10. DUCATI 1098S- 169 MPH (271 KM/H)

Even though a comparatively newer production within the year 2007, Ducati

1098S makes it to the list of quickest bikes within the world. 1098s came with an aphorism of ‘Performance first’. It’s additionally the foremost powerful twin-cylinder bike within the world with the best force to weight ration once it involves any sports bike. It’s additionally the primary production street bike to use Brembo’s monopoly caliper athletics technology. Ducati 1098S is so one in every of its kind. Whereas the list of bikes is endless and biker ne’er gets tired to awe the magnificence of the dragons on the roads, this area unit the highest ten bikes that stand out and area unit unbeatable thus far.

With enough raw power to shock even the foremost seasoned echolocation junky, the K 1200 S hurls you from a dead stop to sixty mph in mere two.8 seconds. Once you are over the whiplash, you will keep ascent, topping out at speeds that run neck-and-neck with the quickest production motorcycles within the world.


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