Motorcycle documentation in Bangladesh


Any kind of vehicle you want to use needs to have some documentation for better security. Either it is about getting stuck in a place or about getting your vehicle stolen.

It is necessary to decrease danger as much as conceivable, in each field. It is important to be known as a trusted commander in digital signature. We can secure any agreement and also assumptions with the help of documentation. In addition, there are some documents you need to carry if you have any type of vehicles or motor vehicles. And for your motorcycle you need to take your bike documents. These are important while you are driving your motorcycle one place to another.

In our country, Motorcycle known as bikes in most cases, two-wheeler and so more. As many of us are using motorcycles, we need to be sure that all the documents of our bike are in a safe place.

Bike registration paper, tax token, road permit, insurance these are the documents you need for your bike riding. And the most important thing to need is a bike license before you buy a bike.

All these documentations are necessary, so you can show that you actually own the bike. Otherwise, anyone can just take your bike away and claim it to be theirs. Well, you can expect this in a country filled with so many petty crimes.

Here, I will be writing about what documents are required for buying a bike in Bangladesh. And what are the related documents that you might need to ensure a safe passage throughout the country. So, if you are planning to buy a bike and don’t know where to begin with the legal documents, then this article might a good start for you.

Buying a bike

If you have already planned to buy a bike then you will need some initial papers to do so. First of all you need your NID card. NID means National Identity Card and it is required to buy a bike. You have to take your passport size photo. And the most important document is license. You will also need bike registration papers, tax token and bike cost paper.

How to get a bike license:

Getting a bike license is obviously a necessity. As it is the legal documentation for your eligibility to own a bike. Without having a license you can’t even use your bike on road even if you know how to ride it. So, getting a license is the first thing you should do, maybe before even buying a bike.

To get a bike license, you need to learn how to ride a bike. You will have to give in application in the authorized form to the licensing authority with the other associated papers. Then they will take your viva on road signs and bike riding topic. This viva will be taken by a magistrate or a police officer. After doing your viva you will have to give a practical exam of riding bike. And that exam will be held on BRTA. The full form of BRTA is Bangladesh Road Transport Authority. It is the regulatory agency of Bangladesh. There will be a track set for this test. The track is shaped like “S”. You will have to ride the bike without stepping your foot in the ground and you have to finish it off quickly. Remember one thing, if you accidentally step your any of your feet in the ground you will be disqualified.

 However, if you do all these process by a “Dalal”, it means broker, then whatever you do in your viva and your practical exam you will pass eventually.

Once, you get your license half of your worries end there. Because, now you are legally equipped to ride a bike on road. Next comes the part of buying a bike.

In the bike buying process you will need to register for you bike. This registration is done for proving your ownership of the bike. Below I have discussed getting the bike registration paper. This is an important documentation for your bike. Because if you lose the bike or face any legal issues you will need to show these registration papers.

How to get bike registration paper:

While buying a bike, you will have to pay for your registration paper. It means giving tax to the government. Furthermore, there are two ways to registrar your bike: first one is you can do it from where you are buying your bike, and the second one is you can make it done by your own.

If you are registering your bike from its showroom, you need four types of documents.

First, you need a photocopy of your passport or your NID card. Second, you need a driving license or a learner card’s photocopy. Third, you need photocopy of utility bills like: electricity bill or gas bill or telephone bill. And forth, you need four copies of passport size photos.

Now you can take out your bike registration paper from showroom.

If you want to register your bike on your own, then you need to go in a BRTA’s authorized bank like: NRBC, southeast bank or national bank. Then you need to give them the delivery charge of your bike. For two years you need to pay them thirteen thousand five hundred and ninety taka and for ten years you need to pay twenty-two thousand seven hundred and ninety taka. You have to take out the charge copy from vat office.

The showroom will give you a form, and you need seven documents like: photocopy of NID card or passport, photocopy of driving license or learner card, photocopy of utility bill, photocopy of delivery charge and you need to take these four copies from the showroom photocopy of BRTA authorization, import document and 50 taka stamp word of honour written by you. Take all of these documents with you and go to your nearest BRTA and give them all these papers. Then you will get a tax token and acknowledgement paper after some days. And BRTA authorities will text you on your phone number to give them you finger print and take your photo. After some days you will get your digital number plate and smart card.

So once, you have registered your bike you have the legal ownership of it. Now you can use the bike however you want. You will have the full authority.

Besides these documents, there are some additional documentation available which are required in different times. We will be taking a look at them as well.

Tax token renew:

In addition, this is a crucial part of registration that many people do not know about. You need to pay a fee at the time of registering your bike papers. This is just a proof that you are paying the government their tax money for using a bike.

Like we discussed earlier in the bike registration, you have to pay BRTA a certain amount of delivery charge. This is done in the BRTA too. Moreover, if you charged for two years while registering your bike then after two years you will have to pay the amount of two years in advance and then start paying the tax token from 2 year onwards.

The first tax token should get renew by BRTA, for the second it is not necessary to go BRTA. Besides, you can get renew it from any BRTA’s authorized bank. To renew your tax token second time, you just need to go to the NRBC the Mothijheel Branch beside Airplane Office. You need to stand in the line then you have to give them your first tax token and you also give them two thousand and three hundred taka as fee. Then they will give you a money asset, and they will give you the new tax token.

Bike paper lost:

If your bike gets lost or stolen by someone then immediately you have to go to the police station and file a case about your stolen bike. And take all the documents: bike registration papers, driving with you while casing a file. And you need to be sure about your bike insurance.

Bike insurance protects your bike from any kind of accidents and it is really necessary for all bike riders. Actually bike insurance is agreement about word of honour to protect the bike, if it gets lost, stolen or get damaged. This agreement is signed by a bike owner, and the insurance company.


Hopefully, you have got all your queries answered here. This article was to help you guys know about all kinds of documentation required and used in getting a bike. Once you have sorted out all of these papers you can start on with your bike riding however you want, you won’t face any kind of issues at all. Even though all these work involves much hassle, but it’s very necessary if you are getting a bike in Bangladesh.


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