What is motorcycle & motorcycle engine:

Automotive car and motorcycle both are passenger vehicles but there are a lot of difference in these vehicle in Physical & technical condition. We all know about the physical difference between Car & Motorcycle. So let’s talk about technical difference.  If we go through in details of these vehicle history we will found that motorcycle is a small displacement engine.

On the other hand as there are a lot of space in car so every segment of car engine is located in different places with enough distance. Here gear box, transmission, main engine etc. which produce rotational power from fuel; all are in separate system. So have to use lubricants or engine oil separately for every segments individually. Such for transmission have to use transmission oil, for gear box have to use automotive gear oil. And for engine have to use engine oil also.

Even for cooling system in car have to use coolant separately.In case of bike engine we can use common engine oil. But in the bike engines gear, transmission & main engine are in a combine system. And for that we have to use only one engine oil for motorcycle. which works for engine, clutch, gear , power transmission and also for engine cooling. Though in some sports and dirt bike have to use air filter and oil filter separately. But in most of the motorcycle no need to use lube oil filter but in case of car engine it is must. Motorcycle engine RPM also has higher than car

Types of motorcycle engine:

Earlier most of the bike engine were two stroke but now a days it’s very rare except low cc such as 50cc or 80cc bike engine. Mostly all the bike engines are four stroke and single cylinder engine. Single cylinder means an engine containing only one cylinder block.

Some higher cc sports bike have twin engine. And the great American Harley Davidson bike engines are parallel twin engines of V shape (V-Twin).And there were some two strokes engines also earlier. There are also another type of bike engine that is flat twins.

Where two cylinder are connected parallel generally motorcycle fuels are octane or petrol. Mostly all the bike engines are air cooled but some dirt bike and sport bikes are liquid cooled. In common mineral oils can be used as motor oil but semi synthetic oil also would be a great choice for bike engine because it gives more life to engine oil. Also fully synthetic oil gives more higher performance but we would not preferred it because of its higher cost and high interval of engine oil change. On the other hand Synthetic motorcycle oil also not available in all place.

Motorcycle engine basics:

Mostly all motorcycle engine contains piston, cylinder, valve train just as like as car engine. But difference is in the power transmission system & cooling system. Here power transmission system is done by chain sprocket from engine to rear wheel and cooling system is mostly air cooled. Major motorcycle engine parts are:

Spark plug: It is the main component of bike engine’s ignition system. It takes voltage from battery and create spark to ignite by the help of air fuel mixture. The motorcycle spark plug system contains ignition coil, gasket, and terminal nut, electrode with a narrow and thicker end. It is a small but important motorcycle parts as it can hamper motorcycle fuel & battery efficiency. And to keep motorcycle spark plug healthy we have to keep clean it regularly and have to maintain the battery performance (at least 12.6V).

Clutch plate: Among all auto parts of manual transmission system clutch plate is most important. In motorcycle engine there would be two types of clutch plate: wet & dry. Generally it control the power transmission range from engine to rear wheel in motorcycle engine and also work for shifting the gears. If it does not work properly biker will lose the speed and fuel economy of the motorcycle.

Piston cylinder: It is a major moving parts made by cast iron in motorcycle engine. If any problem occurs in it, motorcycle will lose it its basic performance. There is a ports of cylinder in combustion engine where intake & exhaust valve take place. After long or miss use piston cylinder may badly affected. Sometimes wrong or bad motorcycle engine oil also would be reason for hamper a piston cylinder.

Chain Sprocket: It is a power transmission kit made of cast iron or stainless steel. Where stainless steel chain sprocket is the best. If it not works properly then motorcycle engine will not perform properly. Whatever the engine, it may 50CC 0r 1500CC. Generally it has three major parts: two sprocket & a chain. Generally Roller chain sprockets are used in motorcycle engine. For better performance of motorcycle need to clean & have to use proper chain oil in the chain sprocket kit.

Battery: It produces electric energy for motorcycle by it’s internal chemical reaction. Battery also stored energy for motorcycle also. Need to check & repair the battery for safety, because if sudden battery fail to produces electric energy then biker would unable to use horn or head light in time of urgent uses. Even due to lack of electric energy motorcycle engine will not start by self-starter.

Some exclusive motorcycles:

Harley Davidson motorcycles: Most powerful & big twin motorcycle engine by American manufacturer. This is cruise type touring motorcycle with big engine size and capacity. Some latest Harley Davidson bikes are Harley Davidson livewire, Zero SR/F premium, Harley Davidson iron sportster iron883, Fat bob, FXDR 114etc. These all are big twin engine of around 2000CC.

Dirt bike: This is not a brand, a type of motorcycle. There are many different companies dirt bike such as: Honda Dirt bikes, Yamaha dirt bikes, Kawasaki dirt bikes etc. For riding dirt bike there are also some special accessories such as dirt bike helmet, dirt bike goggles, dirt bike boots, and dirt bike gears etc. ATK intimidator is one of the most powerful dirt bike. It is world fastest dirt bike of 685CC two stroke engine to capable produces 78 HP but its weight is only 238 pound. Dirt bikes are mostly popular for adventuress tour.

Radial engine motorcycle: Rotary engined motorcycle  is radial engine motorcycle.These are very uncommon type bike.

Royal enfield: Most popular Indian motorcycle manufacturer.It is roller coster type motorcycle which can be used in both city or off road.Recently these types of motorcycle getting more popular. Specially in last few month Roal Enfield Himalayan gets too much popularity and motorcycle sales.

Electric bikes: These motorcycle have no typical gasoline engine. These type bike run by electric motor which generally get power from a lithium ion battery which store power for future use. Some best electric bike manufacturers are: Ecotric, Ancheer, Swagcycle etc.

Some important tips:

Regular Engine oil Change: It is the most important parts of motorcycle engine maintenance. If it is properly done with best engine oil, motorcycle is mostly out of danger.

Customer service: Finally we have to say that, motorcycle engine is far difference from car engine. So its maintenance is also something different but not so tough.Good news is that mostly all motorcycle manufacturer have their own service center in all over the world to get the best motorcycle service according to manufacturer’s guideline. So we should be careful while selecting customer service for motorcycle engine.



  • Miss firing
  • Engine jerking
  • Poor fuel efficiency
  • Vehicle stalling


  • Low Speed
  • Gear Shifting problem
  • Poor fuel economy


  • White smoke in the exhaust
  • Poor fuel efficiency
  • Low speed

Q.4: How to know, when to replace a motorcycle chain?

Some common symptoms of damage of motorcycle roller chain sprockets kit:

  • Frequent chain falling
  • Low Speed
  • Poor fuel efficiency
  • Gear shifting problem

Q.5: What are the different battery types?

  • Dry cell
  • Wet battery



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