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Best Motorcycle Servicing Ideas: Engine Oil,Filter & Tire change can give you best mileage!

Motorcycle servicing & repairs can be shortly described as CLIT,Which stands for:

C for cleaning

L for lubrication

I for inspection

T for tight


Regular Cleaning of brake pads,drive,external engine body.Air filters are very much necessary for bike.And every cleaning technology is different,for example,for cleaning drive chains have to use proper chain oil.Again need high pressure air to clean the air filter.Except these also have to clean other metal parts of motorcycle such as rear stand,gas tank.Front & rear wheel cleaning is also important.For cleaning a motorbike there is no alternative of bike washing.Here some motorcycle washing Steps appended:

  • Pre-cleaning the motorcycle & area
  • Plunge the motorcycle by fresh water with pressure
  • Clean the leather area by appropriate chemical
  • Don’t over pressure or water flow towards electric sparts
  • Rinse & Dry
  • Proper lubrication of drive chain & engine
  • Have to use appropriate spray protectant & wax for added protection of motorcycle body.

Lubrication/Engine Oil change:

Using best lubricant in proper time schedule is the proper lubrication of bike.For Example, 20W40 API SL would be great engine oil for monsoon weather country for a common motorcycle.

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Engine Oil Change

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Most bikes are not bothered about Changing engine oil in their motorcycle. And for that in the long run they have to suffer with their bike.But if we talked about the motorcycle maintenance  then the changing of motorcycle engine or lube oil in accurate drain period will comes as the first Priority. Because if any biker regularly changes his motorcycle with best engine oil timely he will get rid out most & major problems of his bike.

Filter Change :

Changing of air filter & oil filter is very important for your bike.And it’s also needed to find the actual & original  filter which is recommended by the bike manufacturer.Changing operation should be done in a proper way so that,there is no chance of contamination of other materials or fluid.

Tire Change:

Like as other spare parts of motorcycle it is also important to change tire in time.But most of biker can’t understand the tire life cycle or after how much time or kilo running it is mandatory to check and change the tire step by step. There might be some problem arises due to over use of tire or not but it is very much necessary, because for using damaged tire different accidents specially slip case may happen tremendously.Generally tire life cycle has no specific limit,as it actually depends on the driving,driver or driven road conditions.Though in generally for all average condition 30-35 Kilometres running is the standard time for tyre changing for motorcycle.

Some special tips of motorcycle tire change service:

  • Avoiding hard break if possible.
  • Using best tire gel for tubeless tires.
  • Keep clean the tire specially after rush driving.
  • Keep the air pressure in tire according to tire size standards.


Actually these are the major important tips of motorcycle servicing.But for the long run it is very important to take care about the others parts specially gas tank,rear wheel,rear stand,tire pressure etc.


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