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Suzuki Gixxer sf price in Bangladesh

Suzuki Gixxer SF

Suzuki is among the most renowned brands of two-wheelers worldwide and is considered as the most prestigious manufacturers of motorcycles. They was a participant throughout the entire season of World MotoGP competition and won the title multiple times. The company is the source of Japan which was able to export its products to several countries around the globe which includes Bangladesh. Bangladesh is among these countries. The demands of Suzuki bicycles within Bangladesh is heavy. As an Japanese company it is not surprising that the price of the bike is reasonable and there is no doubt about the quality of their products that are superior to others. But, they recently introduced a few innovative products for Bangladesh in which the Suzuki Gixxer SF is one of the most popular. It is a fully fair motorbike and is considered to be the sportbike, even although it has an technology for air-cooled engines instead of the liquid-cooled rest sport bike. It is the fastest horsepower 155 cc engine available. In 2017, Suzuki unveiled the most recent version of SF that has some brand new and modern features that improved user-friendliness.

We will now look below, where we will provide specific information on the most recent edition of Gixxer SF which would help in the purchase of the bike.

Looks and Design:

Design and style of bikes are among the most significant aspects of the present. The younger generation of Bangladesh want to purchase bikes with stunning looks and they’d prefer to have it over other items. In this case, Suzuki didn’t make a mistakes with their the most popular products Gixxer SH that has no fundamental flaw. The entire bike is constructed with modern and trendy design and great designs. The fuel tank on this bike is the most appealing feature that is not common. Alongside, a designed engine protector that is well-designed and of a smaller size of the bike made it absolutely stunning.

The engine’s performance

Though, Gixxer SF is considered to be one of the top sport bikes, as a rest-sports bicycle, Suzuki did not use the water-cooled engine, instead choosing to use an air-cooled engines. However, the rest of the aspects included in the bike are higher quality and the manufacturer didn’t want to sacrifice in this case. It’s the best Cc motorcycle in Bangladesh that is made up of the 154.9cc engine that has the single-cylinder technology of four-stroke. With a maximum of 14.6 Bhp @ 8000 rpm power and 14 Nm @ 6000 rpm torque the bike is capable of achieving 130 km/hour maximum speed, according to the rider.

Dimensions and seating positions

Dimension of a bicycle is crucial and directly affects riding and controlling. A good dimension always provides good controlling. Suzuki Gixxer SF has a very good dimension. That is the reason why its controlling is extremely good. It’s 2050mm in length 785 mm width, and a height of 1085 millimeters. But, Gixxer SF is also is equipped with a decent ground clearance of 160mm which is a lot higher than the majority of bikes in Bangladesh have more than 165 mm of clearance. The wheelbase is 1330. The capacity of this bike is 140kg that is just right to handle. Because of the mass, it won’t cause any disturbance in the long-distance. Additionally, the seat place isn’t divided but is comfortable. Because of the narrower seating area, only two people can ride the bicycle.

Suspension and Brakes

Brakes as well as suspension are two of most crucial aspects of bikes that are linked to security. Gixxer SF has a combined brake system made of drum and disc. In the backdrop of our nation, this system is highly efficient. However, Gixxer SF has also released a dual brake model as well. Those who are in a position to use the rear disc are able to select the model. With a superior brake mechanism, this bike features high-quality suspensions. Telescopic suspensions are used to support the front wheel. on the rear, a mono suspension that has seven adjustable steps is employed. This arrangement will help riders on different kinds of roads.

miles:According to the different users of Suzuki Gixxer SF that bike could provide more than 45 kilometers of mileage average, which is a bit more than satisfactory. The mileage can increase to 50 kilometers when on the highway. However, when you travel on a city street the mileage would be around 40 kilometers.

Instrument Panel and features:Full digital instrument console is available for the latest edition of Gixxer SF 2017 which consists of a tachometer, speedometer, the trip meter and odometer RPM and fuel gauge and the indicator for gears.

Colors and Prices:

Total four colors of Suzuki Gixxer SF are available in Bangladesh that are Glass Sparkle Black, Metallic Triton Blue, Pearl Mirage Red and White. Four different variants that are available for Gixxer SF are available at various costs. Presently, MotoGP edition costs 209,950/- while the MotoGP Fi edition cost 219,950/

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