The Truth about Street Motorcycle Protection Gear


One of the questions that often dazzle in the mind of motorcycle riders, especially new riders, is, “do I need motorcycle protection gear?” Well, the answer is yes! On the objective of answering the question, there should be another question that reads: “what is street motorcycle protection gear?” If you could give the right answer to the recent question, then you’ll support the assumption that you really need the street motorcycle protection gear, in the likes of motorcycle suits, armoured boots, among others.

For better understanding, the question should have been written as, “do I love my life?” Yes! I know you do. The term “protection” in “street motorcycle protection gear” gives the meaning to all we’ll be discussing. Any of the street motorcycle protection gear must perform some protective roles; talk of guide gear boots, armoured boots, Dainese jacket, or even a glove: they are collectively protecting the motorcycle riders from abrasion, injuries, and other complications that may also lead to death.

The first and more crucial street motorcycle protection gear is the helmet. No matter the design, colour, or manufacturer, a helmet performs the same primary function: which is to guide and protect the rider’s head from injuries. An exposed head has higher chances of getting injured more than the other components of the body. Besides, the head controls most of the human activities due to the brain confinement, I do care for my head and prevents it from chances of getting injured. I’m very sure you love yours too. Therefore, you need a street motorcycle protection gear.

Why do you need street motorcycle protection gear?

Almost everyone supports the saying that a set of street motorcycle protection gear is crucial for motorcycle riders. But the question is, “why do you think you need the prospective materials? Why do you have to buckle a Dainese jacket?” A better experience comes to play when the motive for an action or assumption is known, rather than the act of general believe.

It is evident that any set of street motorcycle protective gear is worn to protect. It is vital to note that the kind of protecting feature is not only from road accidents, but also unfavourable climate conditions, and additional body hydration. Besides, some gear enhances perfect handling and ease the best riding conditions. For example, a glove creates better grips and suppress the hand to little friction.

In other words, street motorcycle protection gear is not only meant to protect the rider, but also improve the riding experience. Most popular gears like motorcycle suit and armoured boots improve the way to ride in comfortability. A guide gear boots open the space for the application of little efforts in pressing the lower parts of the motorcycle because of its high efficiency.

Some street motorcycle protection gear and their features

The importance of motorcycle gears have been established, what then are the essential street motorcycle protection gears? Somehow, it may not be possible or of a higher probability to possess all the known motorcycle gears, but some are inevitable, otherwise essential to maintain. The general knowledge about motorcycle gear is the protective properties; virtually, there are different gears for specific parts of the body. They range in protecting the head, upper body like the chest, the lower abdomen, and the limbs. Some of which includes:

Motorcycle Helmet

There are a series of a helmet, especially industrial helmets. But, can an industrial helmet withstand the road stress? No! In fact, most of the industrial helmet is not abrasion-resistance. Observe the type of helmet you’ll be purchasing, careful note the label as a motorcycle helmet.

A motorcycle helmet has distinct properties of being abrasion-resistance, it is designed with armor which protects the head against any form of injuries during an impact on the road. The motorcycle helmet gives the utmost riding experience because it is comfortable on the head; it aids smooth riding and allows you to breathe perfectly.

To buy a helmet, look at the style, design, and size. There are very important because all of those components will determine if the helmet will be perfect in providing the utmost comfort-ability. Another aspect is the manufacturer ratings; Conformity EuropĂ©ene (CE) is the standard way of accessing the quality of motorcycle gear. Obviously, high CE denotes a better chance of the equipment to perform excellently. Although the United States hasn’t emulated the way of rating gear’s manufacturing company, but generally uses the CE ratings.

Motorcycle accident & helmet: helmet plays a crucial role during an accident. Although other parts of the motorcycle gears are essential, the helmet is more important. It protects the eye, the face, and even the brain from shock or severe damage.

Lastly, even if a helmet performs excellently in protecting the rider, it is very important to know the helmet’s serving life-span. At this point, the protective features of the helmet would have reduced. So, it is highly recommended to change a helmet before such a period.

Motorcycle Jacket or Vest

A motorcycle Jacket is characterised by the nature of its style and design. The jacket is designed with little textile clothing ( if there is any at all.) The motorcycle jacket is majorly a protective armour that protects the chest, back, shoulder, and hips. An example of a jacket is a Dainese jacket.

Armored vest

Apart from the protective features, it is crucial to examine the wind & weather properties. Some jackets are an excellent choice during the summer period because they allow more air and prevent excess accumulations of heat. Those jackets are usually made from Kevlar hybrid, and this property is very important. As Kevlar hybrid made jacket are preferable for summer, a textile made helmet are the safe choice for winter or any cold condition.

Motorcycle Suit

A motorcycle suit is similar to a motorcycle jacket but mostly differs in its functions. Which the jacket protects the chest and abdominal regions alone, a motorcycle suit extends to protect the elbows, legs, and knees. Basically, a typical motorcycle suit protects the chest down to the lower abdomen and the limbs. A motorcycle suit is usually worn on any outfits.

Also, there is an option for pockets to accommodate devices or anything as long as it can contain the space. A motorcycle suit is either designed as a one-piece, or two-piece motorcycle suit depends on the manufacturer.

Lastly, a motorcycle suit is comfortably worn and easy to remove because it is usually zipped from the head to the ankle.

Motorcycle Boots

The nature of motorcycle boot in design and form makes it different pieces of material from other fashioned boots wear. Motorcycle boots protect the rider at the estimate of 90% efficiency compare to the 53% of which any other boots. So, it is essential to have a standard motorcycle boot, and it depends on your choice.

Most motorcycle boots are armoured boots or guide gear boots. They differ in protective properties. While armoured boots protect more and can withstand excessive unfavourable environmental factors, guide gear boots also protect but not as armoured boots.

It is vital to examine and choose oil-resistant boots. A slippery boot is possible to cause an accident or would not perform efficiency in controlling and during bike usage.

Gloves, Pants, and Other Motorcycle Accessories

Gloves are essential in protecting hands, especially the fragile hands. Humans use their hands in guiding and protecting their faces during an impact or collision, especially an accident, so it is imperative to protect the side from damages. Most of the gloves are abrasion-resistance; they are also designed with armour which increases the protective property.

Motorcycle Pant is different from other forms of fashioned pants because it is highly durable, reliable, and can withstand excessive stress. It is majorly made from Cordura, a kind of highly abrasion-resistance fabric.

Some other noticeable accessories protect the elbows, the knees, and other joints. Some of which include elbow & knee guards, spine protector, and hip protector.

In Summary

As it is possible to know that health is wealth; likewise, the cost of living good cannot be quantified. So also the enjoyment of riding a bike and at the same time staying safe should be a concern to all riders. Some people prefer to enjoy the ride without the protective layers, although some make use of the helmet alone. The effect of a helmet can only be seen at the head; what happens to the other part from the chest to toes?

It is essential to have a set of protective gear, and also crucial to carefully choose the right choice that meets all your needs in design, size, style, and functions.

Also, the weather is another important thing in choosing motorcycle protection gear. You won’t like yourself if you only purchase a protective layer that is suitable for the winter season, how would you use the same equipment in the summer season?

Lastly, the manufacturer rating is significant; this determines the quality, the life-span, and the durability of the motorcycle gear. You have to check the CE ratings or perform standard research before you purchase a motorcycle gear. Make sure to check the size, fitness, and the most important, the comfort-ability.


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